Welcome, everyone. My name is Erin Scott and my work and services offered for you through this portal act as a catalyst to bring clarity to the narrative of your life and its evolutionary trajectory, the mind's foundational role in all of it, and the freedom available through holistic alignment to Nature.

Each individual is part of the Web of Life and, as such, it is naturally distinct and inherently encoded with specific archetypal quality-sets and patterns of being. Its emergence from the Consciousness Field means that it also functions with the same organizing principles that underlie all living systems.

From "store design to soul design", I emerged from a long career managing Store Planning & Design nationwide to develop the "the Holistic Science of Soul". with an MSc in Holistic Science layered upon a Psychology undergraduate degree (both with honors). I work 1-on-1 with clients around the world, both in live sessions as well as through providing a variety of video analysis services.

To see more details, please go to my LinkedIn profile: www.linkedin.com/in/holosynthesis

E.L. Scott, M.Sc. Holistic Science

Personal Teacher  |  Soul Structure and Natural Mind

Natural Systems Psychology, Astrological Alignment

Consciousness Catalyzation & Soul Structure Clarity